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Leader in design, production and sale of tip dressers, electrode changers and hard metal cutters for dressing resistance welding electrodes.

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We have the ambition to provide to our partners and customers innovative technological solutions

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Continuous training


Continuous improvement

Respect for people


A mission, an unequivocal goal

Master the know-how to produce and evolve applications in the field of dressing and automatic electrode change, integrating them with all the potential of industry 4.0 with the unequivocal goal of creating value for all stakeholders.

sinterleghe sfondo1

Our value

With the logic of a Lean Enterprise, we encourage the development of multidisciplinary skills with the creation of multifunctional teams, in which high-level performance grow in a culture of honesty, authenticity and healthy conflict with the goal of valuing and develop new skills.

The communication, in all its forms, is the main tool to interact with others, transparency represents truthfulness and quality. For this reason, we implement and we share visual systems such as the Matrix business strategy A3X, planning visual board, skill matrix, where you can compare through clear data/facts and track KPIs.

The sustainability of an improvement is the characteristic of a process or state that can be maintained and implemented constantly in an interconnected way, in the environmental, economic and social fields.

The quality of our products-processes must always be oriented towards satisfying the needs of our stakeholders and contributing to the achievement of their highest goals reagarding quality, safety, innovation, profitability and respect for the environment.

The company culture and our ethic code are inspired by the principles of the Lean Enterprise: respect for people, constant improvement, transparency, honesty.

A story that speaks of future

Founded by Eugenio Tedeschi in 1989, Sinterleghe has grown thanks to its own development of a know-how that has allowed to diversify its offer getting to high quality standards.

Thanks to our products performances, we have sold to some of the most important automotive plants around the world.

Sinterleghe has become the company that it is today, thanks to the path followed during all those years. This path is continuously developing Sinterleghe.

Its succes comes from this path that has created value for Sinteleghe itself, for its customers and all the stakeholders.
Creating value for people permits to create economical value; valuing everyone’s talent and ideas is a powerful tool to grow as company.

Sinterlghe in numbers


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Worldwide patents


Authorized partners


Automotive plant supplied


Annual production capacity of tip dressers & changers


Hard metal cutters production capacity


Internal machining cycles for the production of the patented RX cutters


Internal mechanical processing for the production of dressers and electrode change

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We offer our customers an excellent customer care service.

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The performance of our products - processes are the result of listening to your needs, to innovations and quality.

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